What Can We Do for You?

Opportunities to increase Sales & Profits for your company: Our company, One World Protein specializes in serving our customers as:

  • Buyers’ agents for beef, pork and poultry processors like your company.
  • Assist with a portion of your procurement needs.
  • Procurement from all the major United States packers.
  • Blocked orders for guaranteed availability.
  • Retail brokerage representation.
  • Trader of Proteins.

Pricing– Same delivered price you pay now in full load quantities.

  • Poultry quotes for each primal on a weekly basis with trade off the Urner Barry.
  • Beef & Pork priced off USDA market, day prior ship on all blocked orders.
  • Our difference is in the cost of freight.
    • Negotiated freight rate confirmed.
    • Contracted carriers that assure on time delivery.
    • We follow each and every load from loading to delivery.
    • Customer is notified prior to delivery of any delivery issues.
    • No lost production time due to excellent communication prior to delivery.

We perform at no charge a quarterly business review in the plants for weekly blocked customers.

    • Review tonnage, pricing, forecasting, new product opportunities/development, sales opportunities and tour production area to suggest ways to improve.
    • We can assist you in achieving those so sought after extra pennies per pound profit on products you currently produce.
    • We also have knowledge in assisting with your HACCP program.

Our Financial Analyst can assist with developing financial models along with perform economic & industry research for presentation to your executive team.

I personally have been in the meat business for way too many years that I want to let known and have been blessed with expertise in most meat operations, including Slaughter, Fabrication, Processing, R&D, Packaging design, Consulting both domestic and internationally, Wholesale and Retail concerns. By using One World Protein as your procurement arm, you can be assured of fresh, quality product with communication on every load from packer to your door with the free assistance of making your plant more profitable.

With all our customers, we not only sell you meat, poultry, fish or seafood but we also can assist in keeping your freezers clean. The more you sell, the more you can potentially buy from us.

Please give us a call to discuss opportunities to assist in making your company even more successful. All we ask is that you procure a load or two of product per week. You won’t pay more than you do currently.

You need to ask yourself if One World Protein can help you become more profitable and grow sales. Yes we can. Give us a chance to earn your business.

Thank You,

Joseph Hartnett 817-594-9790