OneWorldProtein.com offers products from all of the major beef, pork and poultry packers in the United States.

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Procurement, Sales, Product Development, Logistics, & Consulting to achieve an enhanced bottom line for your company. Call or send an email to discuss how we can help you identify those few lost pennies per pound you need to earn that will make your business be more competitive while maintaining bottom line profits.

Our intentions for this site is to not only buy and sell beef, pork, fish, seafood and chicken, but it is also to educate the consumer on proper handling and preparation of meat. The site will be under construction until all of your needs are met. Send us an email with what you want to know about meat. Our staff has over 35 years of expertise in proteins and will answer any question you may have.

The expertise at One World Protein is varied from Packer, Research and Development, Wholesaler, Retailer, Food Service with a focus on consumer wants and needs.
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Over the last thirty five years, we have learned that customer service is not only the most important aspect of doing business. It’s the only reason to do business.
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